PCC General Biology Bio181 Fall 2020 AM

Students with DNA Barcode Results and Poster Presentations

Lacy Morales
Cora Ricoy
Jessica Mazza
Teckla Dominguez
Briana Pomales
Sonja Zairyn

Students with DNA Barcode Results

Vanessa Del Prete
McKinley Munk
Clarissa Duarte
Nicholas Dunn
Cesar Galvez
Marah Alokla
Mackenzie Gauthier
Ginie Horrocks UAIC1135014 and UAIC1135017
Hannah Melius
Shelby Lummus
Ciara Morgan
Conner Neal
Juliet Gourdie
Michael O’Haver
Giselle Mendoza
Mara Alina Robinson
Yuliza Gomez
Tamia Taylor
Mirela Bivol

Gel Electrophoresis Results

Here are the gel images after running a PCR on the students’ bees using the forward primer “BeeF” and the reverse primer “BeeR” to amplify the DNA barcoding region of the cytochrome oxidase 1 (COI) gene.
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