PCC General Biology Bio181 Fall 2020 PM

Students with DNA Barcode Results and Poster Presentations

Javier Carbajal

Dani Fluette

Alex Lombard

Maddie Callahan

Nick Underhill

Shufan Wang

Students with DNA Barcode Results

Serena Brei

Winne Cook

Ruben Gomez

Autumn Heflin Smith

Isaac Hernandez

Courtnae Jacques

Carlos Bernabé

Ruby Prescott

Raymond Schneider

Ambar Valencia

Kendralee Bell

Gel Electrophoresis Results

Here is the gel image after running a PCR on your bees using the forward primer “BeeF” and the reverse primer “BeeR” to amplify the DNA barcoding region of the cytochrome oxidase 1 (COI) gene. 
Gel Electrophoresis Image PCC Bio 181 Fall PM
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